I am using JIRA Servicedesk. I know that I can use your plugin to login my normal JIRA Users, but can it also be used to login my Customers on the Servicedesk Customer Portal via Single Sign On?


JIRA Service Desk uses a separate authentication then the rest of the JIRA instance. Starting with version 0.13 we have included the possiblity to install a Authenticator, which allows to enable the service desk login page redirection in the plugin configuration. So with the Authenticator and enabled redirection you can access your /servicedesk/customer/portal and you will be redirected to:


which triggers the SSO.

You can find the Authenticator installation guide here : Single Sign on for JIRA Service Desk

All JIRA users, without any assigned group (on default : Customers), can only access the Customer Portal. First if JIRA users are assigned to a group with access permissions, they can access JIRA and are counted to the Atlassian license. That means customers are not counted to the license.