Our app sends some additional information in custom dimensions to Google Analytics. Here's how to set them up and use them:

Configure Custom Dimensions

Google Analytics for Confluence sends several custom dimensions to Google Analytics with each page view event. You can optionally define them in Google Analytics to use them in reports.

To do so, visit the Google Analytics help to learn how to set up custom dimensions for an Universal Analytics (UA) property.

If you are using a GA4 property, follow the [GA4] Google Analytics help for further instructions.

You can define the following custom dimensions. The names are for UA custom dimension index / GA4 event parameter name:

  • Index 1  / dimension1: Space Key (An identifier for the space the user visited)
  • Index 2 / dimension2: User Account ID (A hashed version of the user's account ID if logged in)
  • Index 3 / dimension3: Content ID (A stable numeric identifier for each page; URLs might change with the page title)
  • Index 4 / dimension4: Content Type (The type of content the user is watching, e.g. "page" or "blogpost")
  • Index 5 / dimension5: Content Version (The version of the content; starts at 1 and increases for each edit)

You can also consult these screenshots to see how it should look in the end.


Import our custom report

We have prepared a custom report that includes some useful information that we want to share with you for your Confluence Cloud instance.

Just open this link to add it to your account