Welcome to the Google Analytics for Confluence User Guide! On this page, you can learn what are the scopes and limitations of it.

Three levels of measurement for your Google Analytics data:

The app allows you to visualize and analyze data from three different perspectives to understand better your users and the content posted on your instance.

  • The general overview shows the data from the top spaces and views of the whole website. You can access it through the "Apps" button on the top Confluence menu. 

  • The space overview shows the data from the top content pages from the selected space. This data can be accessed by going to the desired space and clicking "Google Analytics" on the left-side menu of the space, or if you are already on the general overview of your app, you can simply click on the Space name you want to review.

  • The content/page overview shows the data for the selected confluence page. To access this overview you can go to a specific page and click on the Google Analytics for Confluence icon located on the top part of the page beside the space name, a brief dashboard will pop with the most relevant data, to get the whole page overview click on "Open Page Analytics". The other point of access to this overview is to follow the sublevel journey from the general or space overview.

Customize your analytics reports

On every analytics page, you can adjust the visualized data by selecting diverse timespan and metrics. 

  • Select the time period of the data from the predefined options or select a custom one with the calendar picker.

  • For the chart view, you can customize it by selecting different metrics (Hits, Users, Engaged Sessions, Engagement rate) and time scales (day, week, month)

  • The tables show the top hit values of each type
  • The rows are ordered by hits descending
  • You can select how many rows to be displayed per page

  • You can print the page or export it to PDF

  • If you click on a row with a space or content, you will be redirected to the specific elements analytics page