By default, the username/password login page can be accessed by adding the parameter nosso tho the appropriate login page url:

  • Jira Server or Jira Data Center: https://<baseurl>/login.jsp?nosso
  • Confluence Server or Confluence Data Center: https://<baseurl>/login.action?nosso
  • Bitbucket Server or Bitbucket Data Center: https://<baseurl>/login?nosso
  • Bamboo 5: https://<baseurl>/userlogin!default.action?nosso
  • Bamboo 6: https://<baseurl>/userlogin!doDefault.action?nosso

This can be disabled in the Addon's configuration's redirection-tab:

This setting can be changed using a REST-endpoint to allow login if the SSO fails for any reason:

MethodURLUsagecURL example
GEThttps://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nossocheck statuscurl -u adminuser:password -X GET https://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nosso
PUThttps://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nosso/onenable password logincurl -u adminuser:password -X PUT https://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nosso/on
PUThttps://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nosso/offdisable password logincurl -u adminuser:password -X PUT https://<baseUrl>/rest/samlsso-admin/1.0/nosso/off