Download and install older SAML Single Sign On plugin versions

There are two possibilities. For most of the versions, you can use the Atlassian marketplace. If the version is not available there, it is possible to access the installed versions from 
your local Atlassian application folder.

Note, before installing an older version of our plugin, first uninstall any other version of it. Otherwise the upload of the older app version will fail.

Install from the Atlassian marketplace:

  1. Access the version history of the plugin. 

  2. Hover over the version you want to install, right click on Download and copy the link address. The same SAML Single Sign On version may have two entries - one for Server and one for Data Center. Please make sure you pick the right one. 
  3. In your Atlassian application access the Plugin Manager (Manage apps) in the administrator section. Click on Upload app and paste the link you have copied from the marketplace. Click on Upload and the old version will be installed.

Install from the local Atlassian application folder

In the home directory of your Atlassian application (see for example Jira Jira application home directory), it saves all plugins in the plugins/installed-plugins folder. Copy the following two files to a directory of your choice:

  • "com.resolution.atlasplugins.samlsso.X-y.y.y.jar"
  • "samlwrapper-plugin-y.y.y.jar"

"X" refers to your Atlassian product, for example "Jira", y.y.y is the version number, it should be identical for both files.

To install the files, access the Plugin Manager (Manage apps) in the administrator section. Click on Upload app and browse the downloaded jar files. Click on Upload and the old version will be installed.

What happens with the SAML Single Sign On configurations during an app upgrade/downgrade?

In general, an upgrade from an older version of our app to later one should be no problem. Our apps adjusts the configuration automatically if necessary. It is also possible to downgrade again. Our app uses a version control mechanism to retain old configuration versions. So even if you uninstall the SAML Single Sign On app (or perform an up- or downgrade), the configuration and previous versions are retained.

Export configuration backup

If you don't want to rely on the internal configuration application backup, you can export the SAML Single Sign On configuration before upgrading the app. To do that, access the System & Support panel of our app. By using the Export XML button, the plugin generates a XML backup file containing your configurations. If any upgrade should fails (what we do not expect), you can rollback to the old plugin version and import your backup XML file again. Please be careful with the downloaded XML file as it contains sensitive information like the signing/encryption private key.