The SAML Test IdP can be used for testing and troubleshooting. It allows creating and sending SAML responses.

This Software is provided as is, with no kind of warranty.

It's intended for testing purposes only. We strongly recommend not to use it in production environments.



Java 8 runtime is required. Download the jar-file and start it from the command line using 

java -jar samlTestIdP-1.1.jar

The output should look like this:

This application starts a Web Server on port 8080, so you should see this when browsing http://localhost:8080:

Now this IdP can be configured in the SAML plugin configuration:

The important part is the IdP POST Binding URL. The other data depends on what you send in the reponses (see below).

If you trigger SSO using this IdP, you will see this form:

Specify the information to send and click the send button on the bottom of the page.

If you want to send a predefined XML as response, paste it into the XML-textarea and enable the use XML-checkbox.

If you want to send a predefined Base64-encoded response, paste it into the Base 64-textarea and enable the use Base64-checkbox.