Can I change my consent from SAML SSO in-app analytics tracking?

Yes, the consent can always be modified in the app settings by going to your Atlassian instance settings > SAML Single Sign On > System & Support > Analytics Consent

What type of data is being tracked?

This app collects a few anonymized data points including details about, system specifications, and configuration data. For total transparency, you can see a preview of the data that is being sent to us in the product UI in the Analytics section of your settings.

Where is the analytics data stored and how often it is transmitted?

No additional data is being stored on your instance besides the configuration data that we already store for the normal operation of the App. Analytics data is generated & transmitted on demand when the configuration is saved, by you hitting the save button in your browser.
It’s also transmitted every 7 days from your instance as part of a regular analytics heartbeat. The data sent as a heartbeat and from the browser is exactly the same, that you can preview in the UI.
The transmitted data is sent to two external widely-used analytics services, Segment (US tenant) and Mixpanel (US tenant) for analysis.

Is personal data being sent?

None of the collected data identifies any user, any personal data is not being tracked. We only transmit some selected anonymized configuration data

What is the purpose of tracking data?

We use this anonymous data to constantly improve the quality of our apps and services. The configuration data help us as well in future app development.

Is the data being shared externally?

No, all data is managed internally and nothing is shared outside of re:solution, except if we receive a request for information from competent authorities, or if we have requested and received your explicit permission. For more information please check our Data & Privacy Policy.