Up to version 2.0.4, there was a limitation when using SAML SingleSignOn with remote directories (e.g. LDAP):

If a user was created in the LDAP, this user was not found during the SAML login process until the next directory synchronization. This has been resolved with version 2.0.5, but the solution uses APIs which require these versions of Atlassian products:


This is why version 2.0.5 raised the minimal version requirements.

Version 2.0.7 re-enables compatibility with the versions compatible with version 2.0.x of the add-on:


With these versions, it can happen that users newly created in a remote directory see an error message when trying to login. This is the same behaviour as with add-on versions < 2.0.5 but has an explicit error message now. To resolve this, you can wait for the directory to synchronise, manually trigger a directory sync or upgrade your host application.