This app is purely to be deployed on-premise on the installing Confluence server instance. This means that any data that is stored will only be stored in your Confluence installation's database.

The following data is stored:

  • For each Vanity URL entry:
    • Short URL (as exposed by the user interface)
    • Long URL (as exposed by the user interface)
    • Anchor (as exposed by the user interface)
    • Note (as exposed by the user interface)
    • Date and time of creation
    • User Key of the creating user
    • Date and time of last modification
    • User Key of the user making the last modification
  • The group that is set by the admin as allowed to modify link entries

The data printed in bold type is considered by Atlassian to be personally identifiable data. As such, depending on your users' country of origin, it may be subject to certain data protection laws such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To invoke any of your rights regarding this data, contact your Confluence installation's administrator. If you are an administrator and need assistance in complying with such a request, do not hesitate to contact our support.

This data is linked to the Vanity URL entry and as such stored indefinitely. This feature is intended for auditory reasons.

No data (configuration, analytics or otherwise) is stored or transmitted outside of your system by our app itself. Remember though that Atlassian will itself collect analytics data unless your installation is opted out form that process.

A backup copy of the database will likely also contain the information mentioned before unless it is explicitly excluded from the process.

Some analytics data is collected on the marketplace listing, our website, our documentation site and any landing pages. For information on that and any further information, check out our general data privacy policy: