Released on 23 May 2017 for JIRA and Confluence

  • Select Identity Provider by entering email address.
  • Variable skew setting for SAML-response validity dates.
  • Option to convert group names to lowercase.
  • Exclude default page templates from plugin configuration.
  • Fixed bug: The plugin now filters inactive user when searching an admin user for user creation/update.

Released on 23 January 2017 for JIRA and Confluence

  • Fixed NullPointerExceptions if cacerts-file contains private keys
  • Added option to validate SAMLResponse-timestamps (enabled by default)
  • Added option to validate SAMLResponse-id (enabled by default). The SAMLResponse is denied if the ID has already been seen within the last hour.


Released on 29 November 2016 for JIRA and Confluence

  • Refurbished administration page
  • Configuration import from XML
  • Option to add a 2nd IdP certificate
  • Added Option to set the remember-me cookie during authentication
  • Fixed a potential XSS vulnerability during the IdP redirect with POST

Changes specific to JIRA

  • SSO for JIRA issue collectors


Released on 1 July 2016 for JIRA and Confluence

The default-values for Force SSO URLs have changed. You should clear this field and save the configuration to restore the new defaults.

  • Fixed issues with group assignments during login
  • Fixed issues with SSO-enforcement for specific URLs
  • /plugins/servlet/samlsso now passes parameters through to the IdP
  • /plugins/servlet/samlsso now accepts a new parameter issuer. The URL in this parameter is used as issuer-URL in the SAMLRequests and the IdP will send the POST to this URL after authentication.

Changes specific to JIRA

  • Service Desk Customer users are assigned to the groups from the SAML response.

Changes specific to Confluence

  • Support for Confluence 5.10.1


Released on 11 March 2016 for JIRA and Confluence

  • Users can now be created and updated with information coming from the SAML IdP 
  • Userid, Full Name, Emailaddress and groups can be mapped from SAML attributes 
  • IdP-Metadata can be parsed for easier configuration 
  • Login can be enforced for additional JIRA URLs

Changes specific to JIRA

  • Support for JIRA version 7.1.1 
  • Fixed some Issues with non-working links if JIRA is not running  under /

Changes specific to Confluence

  • URLs requiring login can be added