New Feature


1.9.0 and 1.9.1

  • new rate-limiting feature, not public on the marketplace anymore due to a bug causing problems when updating the plugin when running Jira with a Microsoft SQL database


  • bugfix for the above-mentioned issue


  • fixed a bug that prevented users from successfully cloning a repository with a read-only token
  • changed a few wordings in description texts of the audit logging page
  • changed text for the audit/ log entry "user tried to authenticate with an invalid token or regular password" to "user is authenticating with an invalid token, or with a regular password"
  • added a warning so that admins are aware of the fact that tokens that have been created before rate-limiting was enabled won't be rate-limited



  • updated an authentication library to its latest version, mostly to support all Atlassian platforms, including the latest Jira versions


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