Use cases

InVision embed for Confluence integrates InVision screens, prototypes and UI seamlessly so that you can collaborate on your product design without leaving Confluence Cloud.

This translates into three main use cases:

Embedding InVision's UI into Confluence

This is interesting if you want your power users to use InVision from Confluence.

To embed the entire UI, have a look at point 1: Full UI integration below.

Embedding InVision content to gather feedback and reviews

You can embed Invision screens in:

  • Play mode
  • Review mode
  • Inspect mode

This is interesting:

  • If you are already managing approvals in Confluence, for example using Comala workflows
  • If you prefer to communicate new designs and prototypes in Confluence as opposed to emails and/or Slack messages
  • If you work as a horizontal team, where feedback is gathered from multiple users instead of one or two reviewers.

Embedding InVision content in view-only mode

This is interesting:

  • to document final screens and prototypes without incorporating new comments
  • to gather feedback only as Confluence comments

Types of links in InVision embed for Confluence

1. Full UI integration

With InVision embed for Confluence you can embed a fully working InVision UI.

This includes:

  • Access to every screen permitted for that user
  • Navigation through screens
  • Ability to comment
  • Ability to add new sets and new screens
  • Ability to add labels and filter results
  • Navigate to other prototypes, documents, or boards
  • And even getting shared links for embedding more InVision screens!

To do this, simply embed in Confluence the URL of your main InVision panel, which should look something like this:

2. Links to a set of screens

You can also share a number of screens for users to navigate with and review sequentially, for example to follow a UI flow.

  • Simply share based on your existing selection

  • And the users will be able to navigate between screens and add their comments from Confluence

Bonus: Find out how to share selected screens in the InVision documentation.

3. Links to single screens

InVision embed for Confluence allows sharing a single screen that can be interacted with.

  • Open in InVision the screen that you would like to share
  • Find the share button on the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Select a private or a public link
  • Embed the link in your Confluence cloud page

If you'd like to embed a single screen without giving Confluence users the ability to interact with it, you can follow these instructions:

Horizontal scrolling

Whenever InVision embed for Confluence displays a screen, the horizontal scroll will be hidden behind the bottom black panel. To show it, click on Hide as shown in the image below:

You will then be able to scroll. To show the panel again, simply click on Show.

When several links are embedded in edit mode before publishing, only the first embed link will display a preview. However, the published page should properly embed all links.