With Smartsheet for Confluence, you will have native Smartsheet sheets without moving away from Confluence! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Connect Smartsheet with Confluence

1. Open the Smartsheet macro

You can open the macro by typing /smartsheet or using the macro menu and searching for the Smartsheet macro.

2. Click on Log in

When the iframe opens, you will see the option to log in to your Smartsheet account at the top.

Click on the log-in button and proceed.

If you don't have a Smartsheet account or you don't want to connect it to Confluence, you can still embed Smartsheet tables via the URL method.

3. Sign in to your Smartsheet Account

You will be directed to the Smartsheet sign-in page. In there, you can create an account or add the credentials of an existing app.

After adding your credentials, click on Sign in.

4. Allow access to the app

In order to get the most out of the Smartsheet for Confluence app, please grant the read and write scopes by clicking on the allow button.

If everything goes well, you will see the success message, and you will be directed back to Confluence.


Now you are all set to start using the app. To learn how to link Smartsheet data into Confluence, please check our User Guide.