Can any Confluence user respond to a SurveyMonkey survey from Confluence without a SurveyMonkey account?

Yes, it's not necessary to have a SurveyMonkey account to respond and submit a survey from Confluence.

Can any Confluence user view SurveyMonkey results in Confluence?

Yes, any survey results published with SurveyMonkey for Confluence will be accessible for any user who can view that page, independently of whether they have a SurveyMonkey account or not.

Can any Confluence user view SurveyMonkey dashboards in Confluence?

No, dashboards can not be embedded in Confluence.

Can any Confluence user create or modify a SurveyMonkey survey?

No, surveys must be created and designed from SurveyMonkey. Confluence users can either fill and send a survey form or view the results of a survey.

Can I embed surveys or results with a free account?

Yes, users with a Survey Monkey account can embed surveys and survey results in all available modes.

Can I embed Survey Monkey surveys or results without a Survey Monkey account?

Yes, users with no Survey Monkey account can also embed Survey Monkey survey or results as long as they have the corresponding links.