Can any Confluence user Confluence Plugin For Zoom Recordings without having a Zoom account?

Yes, any user with a valid link for a recording that is not protected with a password can embed that Zoom recording. However, it will not be able to connect to a Zoom account to browse for other recordings, or embed protected recordings with a link.

Can any Confluence user watch embedded Zoom recordings without a Zoom account?

Yes, users with no Zoom accounts can watch any embedded Zoom recordings as long as they have permission to view the Confluence page where the recording is embedded.

Is it a security problem to publish password protected videos in Confluence?

The embed process that is used to attach password protected videos to Confluence Cloud does not share the password with any external parties. Instead it lets the user authenticate directly with his personal Zoom account.

How big are Zoom recording attachments?

Zoom compresses videos to relatively small sizes. In our tests, a 4h long video and a 1h30min long video were both compressed to 800 MB.

The recording starts automatically in the first chapter. Can I undo this?

Whenever chapters are created, Confluence Plugin For Zoom Recordings will load the time of the recording that is marked with the first chapter and display that frame to users before they hit play. If this is not your desired behavior, you can simply add an additional chapter at the start of the video.

The command /Zoom is triggering a different Zoom app for Confluence.

It can happen that different apps are called typing the /Zoom command if they are installed at the same time in Confluence. Make sure to select Confluence Plugin For Zoom Recordings from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can look for the right app using the Macro menu.