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Launch the Out-Of-Office Rules


After the app is installed, you find a new menu entry "Out-Of-Office Assistant" in the user options drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.

A click on it will launch the Rules Manager, where you find all your active out of office rules.

2. Add your first rule

Click on the "Add Rule" link to invoke the dialog for creating rules.

add first rule

  • Select a start and an end date for your leave.
    You can switch off the end date for open-ended leaves.
    As timezone, we will use the timezone of your JIRA account.
    If you want to change the timezone, just do so in your JIRA profile.

  • Then choose the project scope or define a JQL commend to determine which issues should be considered.
    The project scope defaults to "All Projects".
    When more than one rule is defined for a specific date, rules with JQL commands are evaluated first, followed by rules with specific projects and last rules with "All projects" selected.

  • Then you can select one or more coverers.
    If you do, then the Out-Of-Office Assistant will try to assign the issue to one of them when it is assigned to you.
    If there is more than one coverer, it will be assigned to the one that got the least reassigns yet.
    If a coverer is also out of office then the assistant will assign a coverer for him if available.
    For more detail refer to the decision flow diagram.

  • Then you can write a message, that is automatically sent as a comment to the issue which is reassigned.
    If you have a coverer defined and leave this field empty, comments are not added.

  • Choose and click on the "Create New Rule" button. The rule will be active immediately.

3. Assign an issue and see it reassigned

Select an issue in JIRA and reassign it to the user for which you just added an out of office rule.

First, it will look normal. But with a page reload you will see the changes that the Out-Of-Office Assistant made.
The new issue of view does that automatically.

  • The defined coverer is now assignee of the issue (if you defined one)
  • In the comments section, you find an entry with the out of office message and potentially an additional line with the reassignment.

4. Further reading: 4 User Guide