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Keep Issues Flowing while your users are Out of the Office

Out-Of-Office Assistant allows Jira users to take time off from Jira without blocking progress on important work.

Out-Of-Office Assistant consists of rules that:

  • send absence messages when a Jira Software user, a Jira Work Management user, or a Jira Service Desk agent is assigned an issue during their time off.
  • reassign new issues automatically to a delegate owner (coverer) 
  • warn that a user who has been mentioned is on leave or will be on leave soon.

Features & Benefits

  • Out of Office rules that include an automated response message and a coverer (coverers are optional but we strongly recommend them).
  • Use JQLs to define exactly which issues should be reassigned by each rule.
  • Send Out of Office Messages also to Service Desk Customers.
  • When a rule is created, already open issues can be delegated to coverers in bulk.
  • Add coverers as watchers.
  • Full view of scheduled leaves across your entire Jira instance.
  • Use automation rules to assign to coverers also using customer comments as a trigger.
  • Activate, modify or deactivate rules from Slack or Zapier.

Use Cases

  • Define Out of the Office rules when traveling, or during sabbaticals, child care, sick leaves, etc.
  • Create a permanent delegation structure for functional teams and organizations based on shifts.
  • Team members who have been temporarily shifted to a different initiative can announce that their assignations won't be prioritized.
  • Take sick days and spontaneously activate a rule from your phone using the Slack app.
  • Managers can use JQLs to retrieve a comprehensive list of all the Jira issues with assignees who are out of the office.



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