1. Launch the Out-Of-Office User Administration

From the main menu select Jira Settings / Apps. Then click on User Administration in the Out-Of-Office Assistant section.

2. Type a name or select a project

All relevant users will be displayed. In the Actions column, you can add rules on behalf of users ().

Or, if there are already rules defined, editdelete or just list them ().

The forms you will see are the same as for the user.

3. Reassigns Analytics

When an issue of a user is reassigned by the Out-Of-Office Assistant, you get a lozenge message in the Analytics column.

If you click on it, you see which issue, when and to whom it was reassigned.

It will also show errors when reassigns didn't work, e g. if the assignee is also out of office and has no coverer.


4. Further reading: 3 User Guide

Everything else is identical to the user's view.