Click the User Browser link in the SAMLSSO Toolbox to access the User Browser.


The user list can be filtered with the fields above.

Edit Users

Click the Edit-link next to a user for editing.

This opens a dialog where the user's attributes can be changed.

All attributes consist of a key and a value-list. Most value lists contain only on entry.

Attributes not listed here are stored as Crowd-Attribute at the user if they don't start with one of the prefixes below.

ATTR_ACTIVEIs the user active or deactivated
ATTR_USER_KEYThe user key. This attribute is read only, updates are ignored.
ATTR_NAMEThe username
ATTR_FULLNAMEFullname - if not set, first name and last name is shown.
ATTR_EMAILThe Email Address
ATTR_IS_SYSADMINTrue if the user has sysadmin privileges. This attribute is readonly, updates are ignored.


True if the user has admin privileges. This attribute is readonly, updates are ignored
ATTR_IDUnique id within the directory. Not to be confused with the user key which is unique across all directories
ATLAS_USER_TIMESTAMPThis timestamp is updated on every user update

Attribute prefixes

JIRA.PROP.*Jira User Properties
JIRA.EPROP.*Jira Entity Properties
CONFLUENCE.UD.*Confluence User Details
CONFLUENCE.CP.*Confluence Content Properties
COMMUNARDO_UP.*Communardo User Profile attributes

Click Update to save the changes. This changes the view to the result. In case of a failure, the error message is shown in the red box on top.