What's new

Import aggregated SAML metadata, Alternate AssertionConsumerServiceURL in SAML-Request, Organization Assignment for Service Desk customers.

Upgrade consideration

Starting from this version, Single Logout (introduced in version 2.1.0) is disabled by default if you update from version 2.0.x or older. Read more about this feature here.

Data Center

No special considerations apply for this update, general Datacenter installations guidelines apply.



Released on 7 May 2018 for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo

  • Support for aggregated metadata. Metadata from multiple IdPs can now be imported in a single step.
  • Support for multiple base urls. 
  • Fixed migration from older configuration versions. Single Logout is now disabled by default and needs to be enabled explicitly.
  • Fixed a bug that could throw a system error on logout.
  • Clarified the log message for signature verification.

Changes specific to JIRA

  • Service Desk customers can now be assigned to organizations.
  • Fixed redirection bug for links in emails coming from Service Desk.

Changes specific to Confluence

  • None

Changes specific to Bitbucket

  • None

Changes specific to Bamboo

  • None