• Auto Deactivation can now be scheduled to whatever frequency you like:
  • You can now enter multiple recipients for the Auto Deactivation report e-mail
  • The bulk user operations browser now shows the correct last activity time across all data center nodes
  • The user picker for space permissions and adding watchers will now also return unlicensed users
  • Improved License Optimizer performance again and added a new option – please read here
  • Updated 3rd party libraries


  • fixed an auto deactivation notification bug that started to occur in version 4.9.0
    • it was causing users to receive expiration notifications multiple times, provided that Days before sending an expiration email to users was set to a value greater than 1 day and Send expiration email every day  was not checked
  • reduced database calls while handling the last activity timestamps of users


  • updated internal and 3rd party libraries


  • updated internal and 3rd party libraries


  • added the last login to filter results
    • this is the first of three improvements targeting customers who are using Jira as a user server in Confluence or Bitbucket
    • whenever a person logs in to Confluence or Bitbucket, the last activity is also updated in Jira and thus not really correct/ usable
    • in an upcoming version, we'll also allow filtering and auto-deactivate users based on their last login, instead of their activity
  • tidied up and improved filter result table layout
  • fixed a bug that causes UI not to load, if the user has no e-mail address set
  • updated internal and 3rd party libraries