With monday.com for Confluence you will have native monday.com boards, timetables, charts, and calendars without moving away from Confluence! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Step 1: Finding the right links on monday.com

You will only need to access monday.com to grab the embed link for the board you want to embed in Confluence.

You don’t need a premium account to share boards with monday.com for Confluence.

Any shareable link or an embed code will work! Just select the "Share" command from the board menu and copy it.

If the Share command is deactivated, you need to make the board shareable. How to do this you can find in the User Guide.

Step 2: Inserting it into a confluence page 

Now that you have a link, you have three possibilities. Go to a Confluence page and activate the edit mode

Method 1: Slash Monday

  • Type /monday to launch the macro finder and select monday.com for Confluence
  • An Edit dialog will open

  • Then paste the link into the Shared link field

Method 2: Smart Link

You can also, quite simply, paste the link and the app will load automatically. Click on the edit icon, if you want to adjust the view.

Method 3: Macro menu

  • Click on the macro dropdown, then on View more

  • Search for the monday.com for Confluence macro and select it
  • Paste the link on the URL field and save it.

3. Making your monday.com views look great

Once you pasted in the shareable link or the embed code, monday.com for Confluence takes care of board proportions for you.

But if you want to adjust the view, you can do so in two ways.

Zoom in or out

To change the zoom level , select one of the values in the drop down box and hit 'Save'.

Tweak the height

The height is set by default to 800 pixels – a comfortable number for most screen resolutions. However, you can adjust it by choosing another value in the edit field.

If a project board doesn't show all columns in the view, you can use a smaller zoom value here and/or widen the view in the edit fields below the macro frame.

Have fun ...