With monday.com for Confluence, you will have native monday.com boards, timetables, charts, and calendars without moving away from Confluence! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Step 1
From Confluence, click on the “Apps” dropdown at the top menu.

Click on “Manage apps”.

Click on monday.com Configuration within the lefthand panel.

Step 2
In the Configuration window, you will be prompted to create the connection between your Confluence and monday.com instances.

Click on the “Create connection” button to get started.

As part of the 1st step in the configuration process, please give a name to the connection that you are creating.

Click on the user groups dropdown and select which of your user groups will have access to the monday.com data within Confluence.

Click on “Next“, once you have selected your relevant user groups.
Multiple user groups can be selected from the dropdown.

As part of the 2nd step in the configuration process, please add the monday.com app to your monday.com instance.
Please note: This step has to be completed before proceeding to the next step.

Click on the “Add to monday“ button in order for the app to be installed on your monday.com instance.

In your monday.com instance, please select the relevant workspace where you want to install the app.
Once you have selected the relevant workspace, go ahead and click on the “Install“ button.
Please note: Once you have installed the app on your monday.com instance, please return to the Configuration page in Confluence to complete the connection.

Once you have returned to the Configuration page, please click “Next“.

As part of the 3rd step in the configuration process, please click on “Authenticate“.

As part of the 4th step in the configuration process, please click on “Connect to your monday.com account“.

To finalize the connection, please review the scopes within the connection, followed by clicking on the “Authorize“ button.

Once you are done, you will see the Success screen, and you can continue by clicking on the “Continue“ button.

Please review your connection once you are done.

Should you need to make any changes, please click on the “Edit connection“ button to make the changes.

If you want to remove the connection, you can click on “Disconnect“.
Please note, that this will remove the embedded monday.com data from all of the Confluence pages.