Board views, calendars, time tables and charts

In you find four different types of views, that can be integrated into Confluence Cloud.

1. Before you begin to share views of a board ...

... make sure the board is of type 'sharable'. To make a board shareable you have to be the owner and  change the board type:

2. Showing Board views

Hit /monday in any Confluence page.

Click ...

Go to and get a sharable link:


Copy the shareable link of a board and paste it into the "Shareable link or command field". Hit "Save".

3. Adjusting Board views board views can be very wide and high. Often, they don't fit automatically. There are two possibilities to make it fit.

First you can choose the width of the Confluence macro view below the board view. Choose between:
"Go full width", "Go wide" and "Back to center".

To further adjust, hit the edit button to return to the settings window:

There you can change the Zoom-Level to fit in the whole board view.
And tweak the height, to avoid empty space in the view.

4. All other views work just the same ...

... with the difference that they auto fit better into the Confluence macro view.

Try it out!

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