In order for the app to be able to operate the way it does, the app retrieves and uses the following data:

  • Data associated with the events comment_created, comment_updated, jira:issue_updated, jira:issue_created, project_created.

  • Detailed issue data, project information, custom fields and comments data.

  • All personal data, like configuration, preferences etc. are stored as custom properties within the Jira ServiceDesk Site.

  • App metadata, such as site ID, is the only information stored in a database, as an Atlassian standard procedure to administer installations.

  • Transaction data of all transactions above are logged. In case of application errors, these are logged with the messages that caused them to enable debugging of these errors. These logs are destroyed after at most one year.

  • All data is stored and processed at Heroku (a Salesforce company) in the USA in an effort to reduce latency.

Server / Data Center:


This app, if enabled for a project, automatically determines the language of every new comment and issue. It does so by sending the content of these to Google's Cloud Translation API. If a translation needs to occur according to the app settings, the API is used as well. If the sentiment or key phrases options are enabled as well, data is sent to the Azure Cognitive Services API.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your Privacy Policy reflect this fact and that your customers are aware of it.

Google Cloud Terms of Service:

Azure Cognitive Services Terms:

Plugin storage consists only of the settings you can access on the settings page. Translated issue descriptions and comments are stored inside the instance's usual database.

Additionally, the following data is collected outside of the app:

  • We use Google Analytics on the Atlassian Marketplace to collect anonymized usage metadata. 
  • Atlassian provides us with the email address of the person installing the app. This email address may be used for a small drip campaign from which you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Atlassian Marketplace also provides us with your company name and license size for the app.

More information

More general information about how we treat your personal data can be found in the general Data Protection Statement.