Welcome to the Jira Service Desk Language Translation! On this page you can learn, what you can do with it.

1. Translating, the basic functionality of the app

When a customer raises a request and uses a language that is not defined as an agent language in your service desk, than it is translated to your main language. Default is English.

Both are translated, the summary and the description. Both show also the original text.

On issue creation the customer language is determined. Any text send out as an answer to the request (comment) that is not in this language, is translated to this language. (If not, than your admin has probably deactivated the feature to translate outgoing messages).

2. A new custom field: "Customer Language"

As you see in the image directly above the description field there is a new custom field containing the customer language. If you can't see the field than it might be missing on the view and you can ask your administrator to switch it on. 

This field you can use in JQL searches, automation or you can build queues with it, that only contain requests in specific languages. More about this you find here.

Have fun!