Authenticate with Google Apps, Google G Suite, Azure AD, Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn or OpenID/OAuth 2

This plugin is an ideal add-on to enhance the customer service experience.  If used in conjunction with standard Jira/Confluence as an open support and communication tool,  this App will speed up your customers sign-in process.  

Once enabled and configured the plugin will attach to JIRA ServiceDesk login page.  OpenID OAUTH allows users to  sign up in seconds with one of their existing accounts.   When using Google Apps users can be limited by selected domains to assure no one else can access the current instance.

One click sign up and authentication is available directly from the Login page and Dashboard.   This plugin can be configured so only users from pre-defined domains, will have access rights to the application(s).    OpenID OAUTH creates user accounts in the internal directory with randomly generated passwords.  Users receive a browser cookie.   Unless the user logs out of the application, the user can access the application for the duration of the cookie lifetime.  Please note that the cookie expiration dates are dependent on the identity provider settings. 

Supported Providers

Currently the plugin supports the following services: Google (also Google Apps), Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn, VK.