Are there any recurring annual costs for licensing the SAML Single Sign on Plugins?


We are exclusively licensing our plugins via the Atlassian Marketplace and hence adhere to the Marketplace pricing rules - which essentially are the same as on normal Jira Core/ Confluence server products.

For the purchase price of the plugin, you get a perpetual license including one year of maintenance.

The maintenance part is what gives you access to new versions of the plugin (upgrades) and also to our technical Support.
After the first year you can renew this maintenance at 50% of the list price of the plugin (same as for the Atlassian products).

However, to be clear: if you don't renew, then the current version of the plugin will keep working for as long as you want to use it - you just cannot upgrade anymore or use our support.

So for example:

If you purchase a 100 User license for 1000 USD - this contains the 1st year of maintenance (support and updates).
After the first year you would need pay 500 USD to renew the maintenance for another year, if you want to get support or update the plugin.