You are an Open-Source Project or a non-profit company and have seen the Marketplace comment: "Server/Data Center add-ons are always free for community and open-source licenses."

How do I get a community license for the SAML SSO Plugin

We are selling our plugins exclusively on the Atlassian Marketplace.
For everything sold on it, Atlassian has kindly centralised & taken on the administration of the community- and open-source licenses.  

If you already have a community license for your Atlassian Products, then Atlassian advises

Customers with an existing Community license for any Atlassian product, should request a Community license for your app by contacting the Pricing, Billing and Licensing help

If you need a Community License for the Atlassian Product & our Plugin:

  1. Complete the Atlassian Community License Request

  2. Make sure you mention the name of our company and plugin in the section: 
    "Server/Data Center Marketplace add-ons are included in the Open source program. Cloud add-ons are not available. Please list the "Paid via Atlassian"  Marketplace Add-ons you are interested in:"

  3. Submit your Request to Atlassian