Meeting Board: 

From the "Meeting Board" section you are able to access the Jira board dropdown, where you are able to change
the Jira board you would like to associate with your standup stream.  

Name of Meeting Stream: 

From the "Name of Meeting Stream" section you are able to update your stream to something more recognizable for your team, should any changes be applicable.  

Suggested Issues: 

From the "Suggested Issues" section you are able to update your stream to suggest various different kinds of Jira issues based on your team's needs. The options to choose from are "Priority", "Issue Type", "Status", or "By Jira Issue Filter".  
For more information on how each of these selections works, please click here.

Meeting Questions:

From the "Meeting Question "section you are able to edit, add, or remove standup preparation questions at any given time, based on what works best for your teams. 


From the "Logo" section you are able to add or edit the logo for each and every meeting stream which helps users identify their individual meeting streams. 

Important: Please remember to click on "Save changes" to successfully apply the changes that you have made.