From the "Users" tab you are able to make changes, such as adding or removing Jira users as Scrum Masters, Scrum Master Coverers, and Participants.

What if the app can't find any users?

If the app doesn't manage to display any users, please make sure to include projects in the filter on the board that is being used to define the meeting stream.

See Installing and Setting Up NASA - Not Another Standup App for Jira

Remove existing Scrum Masters or Scrum Master Coverers by clicking on the "x" next to their names. 

To add a new Scrum Master or Scrum Master Coverer, search and add users by typing their names in the text field and clicking on them when they appear.

Remove existing Participants by unchecking the checkbox next to the Jira users' names. 
To add new Participants by checking the box next to the Jira users' names.

Should a Participant that you want to add not appear on the list, click on the "Add Users" button and search for them in the text field that pops up. 

Important: Please remember to click on "Save changes" to successfully apply the changes that you have made.