What size of License to I need for your Plugin?



Purchase the license tier that matches the number of users you have licensed for your host application. For example, if you have a 25-user Confluence/Bitbucket license, purchase the Confluence add-on at the 25-user tier. The add-on will only function if its license matches or exceeds the tier of the host application – even if only some of your licensed users need to use the add-on.


Here it get's a bit more complicated.

For JIRA, you must purchase the add-on license that matches the highest JIRA application tier. For example, if you have a 500-User JIRA Software license, and a 20-Agent JIRA ServiceDesk license, your JIRA add-ons must be at the 500-User level.

A special note for Servicedesk. Servicedesk Portal Users only do not count into License at all.

So for example ... if you have a 10 Agent Servicedesk and 700 Users using the Portal only, you only need a 10 User License of our Plugin.

Another mixed example. If you have 10 Agent Servicedesk & 100 User JIRA Core Users as well as 600 Portal only Users ... you need a 100 User Version of our plugin ... as it's the "highest JIRA Application tier (see Quote above).

The usual Way most of our customers deal with this requirement for Licenses is making use of the Development License Feature that Atlassian provides – this is also available for our Plugin. For more info find the link below:

You can create a Developer license for our plugin as well, in the same Way you generate the Atlassian Developer Licenses (via

Note: the View Developer License Action is only there once you purchased the license, not during evaluation.