Versions < 2.5.0

In the Jira and Confluence versions of our app and versions smaller than 2.5.0, the app only accepts Basic Authentication on endpoints that start with a path as per the below list. Bearer Authentication with API Tokens, same as Personal Access Tokens from Atlassian, works on all endpoints/ paths already. In Bitbucket, Basic Authentication works on all endpoints already, the same as with HTTP access tokens from Atlassian.


  • /rest/
  • /plugins/servlet/
  • /secure/attachment/
  • /sr/


  • /rest/
  • /plugins/servlet/
  • /download/attachments/

Versions >= 2.5.0

Jira & Confluence

Starting with 2.5.0, admins can override this limitation by enabling the Accept Basic Authentication with API Tokens on all endpoints option in the System-Wide Settings tab.