With HubSpot CRM for Confluence you will have native HubSpot CRM data without moving away from Confluence! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Step 1: Connecting your HubSpot Account

  • Find the HubSpot Configuration in Confluence Settings> Atlassian Marketplace

  • Click on Create Connection

Step 2: Authenticating & Setting User Group Permissions:

  1. Read / View Permission

    In the pop-up window, you need to set the "Read / View Permission" for your selected user groups which will allow these users to see existing HubSpot data in Confluence and embed it into Confluence pages. 
    First, give a name to the connection and select which user groups in Confluence will have permission to use the "Read / View" connection, and click "Ok".

  • Once you are directed back to the "HubSpot Configuration" page, click on the blue "Connect" button which will take you to HubSpot where you need to authenticate the connection. 

  • Select the HubSpot account that you want to connect, and authenticate by clicking on "Connect app".

  • After successfully authenticating the connection, you will be redirected back to the "HubSpot Configuration" page, where you will see "Status" of your connection is "Connected". 

  • The final step of "Read / View Permission" would be to edit the connection by clicking on the "Pencil" icon, followed by selecting the relevant properties per object from the drop-down menus, and clicking "Ok" to save. 
    (Selecting properties per object allows you to select what HubSpot data your Confluence users are able to view and embed into their Confluence pages)

  • Within the "Preselect columns" section, you will find three dropdown menus:
    - Manage columns for Contacts
    - Manage columns for Companies 
    - Manage columns for Deals

  • Once you have clicked on the dropdown menus, you will see that you can select or unselect the HubSpot properties of your choice.
    The lists include HubSpot default properties and your custom-defined properties as well.

2. Write / Update Permission

  • In order to allow user groups with "Write / Update" permissions, you need to already have the "Connection" (previous step) completed.
    Once the connection has been successfully authenticated, click on the "Pencil" icon from the "HubSpot Configuration" page and navigate to "Write / Update Permission"
  • Select the User Groups for whom you want to have "Write / Update" permissions.


  • Once you have your groups selected, select which properties they are allowed to use when creating objects, and click on "Ok" to save your selection.

Re-enabling macro data after the connection was deleted

If your HubSpot data is no longer showing within the macro as a result of the connection being deleted you simply have to follow these steps in order for it to work again:

  1. Create a new connection. 
  2. Go to your Confluence page with the macro and edit it. 
  3. When the edit modal of the macro opens, the valid connection is automatically selected. 
  4. Save the macro with the new connection again.
  5. Proceed with all of your macros.