Issue Translation for Jira provides seamless translations inside Jira tickets. Thanks to this app, your team members can:

  • Translate existing issues. For example Marko, a Ukrainian developer, may prefer to read English issues (Summary, Description and Comments) in a Ukrainian translation.
  • Translate new issues. For example, Marko can still write comments in Ukrainian. When posted, his comments will be automatically translated into English (or whatever the project default language is).

Issue Translation for Jira works for Jira Software and Jira Work Management cloud. We also have an app, Issue Translation for Jira Service Management. This app enables multilingual communication between agents and customers. 

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Comply with the company's business language while still allowing each user to read and write in their mother tongue.
  • Enhance communication between different branches of multinational companies.
  • Support M&A transitions: Communicate with employees from a recently acquired company from a different country
  • Provide an easy communication shortcut for employees who can't write fluently in English.
  • It's all about speed – many users can write in English well, but they're slow and a bit uncomfortable. Let them jot down in their mother tongue and the app will do the heavy lifting.