What Jira applications does Issue Translation for Jira support?

Jira Software and Jira Work Management are supported. To translate customer tickets in Jira Service Management cloud, please check our app Issue Translation for Jira Service Management.

How many languages are supported?

Google Translate supports 100+ languages. You can check the full list here

My messages are not being translated properly. What can I do?

Very short messages or messages that contain foreign words may not be identified in the correct language. To make it easy for the app to help you, make sure to:

  • Use unambiguous language
  • Write short, normal sentences with explicit subjects and verbs.
  • Avoid using foreign terms. For example, if writing in Italian, it's preferable to write "fine settimana" rather than "weekend".
  • Write messages that are over 50 characters.
  • Avoid mixing languages like adding quotes or log output. If you do want to add them, do so after the initial translation or edit your posted comment afterwards.

Are embed attachments like images supported? Can I add an attachment in a translated message?

Embedding attachments (like images) in rendered translations is not supported. Here, the workaround is to look at the original comment and view the attachment there.

Adding attachments when composing translated messages is not supported at the moment. The workaround here is to save the translated message without the attachment, then edit it (using native Jira) and adding the attachment then.