User Deactivator automatically deactivates or removes users from groups and sends a summary report with the results via email.
It also supports manual bulk operations on users, such as de- or reactivation and adding or removing them from groups.

User Deactivator helps you keep your user directory clean of inactive users!

  • Automatically deactivate multiple users on a scheduled basis
  • Automatically remove users from groups on a scheduled basis
  • Receive reports when users are deactivated
  • Exclude members of specific groups from deactivation or group removal
  • Filter users on last activity date and deactivate manually

By running User Deactivator, you ensure that your user directory reflects the actual active users.

License Optimizer is new functionality introduced with version 4.6.0.

Users are automatically removed and added again to the group providing application access to Jira or Confluence.
This enables you to only consume the same amount of licenses as currently active users.