With monday.com for Jira you will have native monday.com boards, timetables, charts, and calendars without moving away from Jira! Follow this quick guide to get started.

Step 1: Finding the right link in monday.com

You will only need to access monday.com to grab the embed link for the board you want to embed in Jira.

You don’t need a premium account to share boards with monday.com for Jira.

Any shareable link or an embed code will work! Just select the "Share" command from the board menu and copy it.

If the Share command is deactivated, you need to make the board shareable. Find out how to do that in the User Guide of this documentation.

Step 2: Inserting it into a Jira issue 

Now that you have a link, go to a Jira issue and activate the app by clicking on its icon below the Issue name

A new section with the monday.com title will appear in the content of your issue. It will display a form asking the information required to insert your monday.com content.

  1. Paste the link into the Shareable link field
  2. Choose a name for your link in order to help identifying it in the future
  3. Choose an icon that represents the type of monday.com content which is being embedded. The options are: Board, Calendar, Chart, Timeline, and Workload.
  4. Click the Embed button.

Step 3: See the filled information represented as a card 

After clicking the Embed button, the form will disappear and the new card will load:

Click on the Add new card button in case you want to embed more urls. 

Access the User Guide in order to learn more details on managing the cards.

Step 4: Embed monday.com content in Jira cloud dashboard 

monday.com for Jira includes two types of gadgets that you can include in your Jira cloud dashboards:

  • monday.com Cards gadgets can embed several cards in the same gadget
  • monday.com Board gadgets will embed the monday.com content directly

Both gadgets work with the same monday.com links covered at the start of this guide.

Have fun!