Once monday.com for Jira has been successfully installed, a connection between the Jira and monday.com instances will need to be created to successfully use the application.
Complete the following steps to successfully create a connection:

Form your Jira instance head over to the main menu en click on “Apps“.

Click on the “Manage your app“ button from the dropdown menu.

Within the “Manage your apps“ section, find and click the “Configuration“ button which can be located in the lefthand panel, under “monday.com“.

Start the process by following the step-by-step guide after clicking the “Create connection“ button.

Step 1

Within the “Connection details“ section, go ahead and complete the following:
”Add a name for your connection” - create a name for your connection.

”Select Jira user groups” - select which user group you want to allow access to the monday.com data.

”Select Jira projects” - select which Jira projects you want to link to your monday.com | A new way of working instance.

Once these fields have been completely filled out, proceed to the next step by clicking on the “Next“ button.

Step 2

From the “Install App“ section the monday.com for Jira app will have to be installed to the relevant monday.com instance, by clicking on the “Add to monday“ button.

The monday.com instance will be opened in a new tab, please ensure that this is the desired instance by selecting it from the dropdown menu in the top righthand corner.

Select the Workspaces to which the app needs to be installed to.

To finalize the installation, proceed to clicking on the “Install“ button.

Once the app is successfully installed, it will appear on the monday.com “Manage Apps“ section.

To complete this step, head back to the configuration window in Jira, and click on the “Next“ button to proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Verify that the information from the previous steps are correct, and click “Authenticate“

Once redirected, make sure to click on “Connect to your monday account“.

Authorize the connection between Jira and monday.com by clicking the “Authorize“ button.

Step 4

From the Success window, click the “Continue“ button to close the connection configuration.

On the “Available connection “ the details of the connection can be verified.
On this page the connection can also be edited or removed.