Board views, calendars, time tables and charts

In you find four different types of views, that can be integrated into Jira Cloud.

1. Before you begin to share views of a board ...

... make sure the board is of type 'sharable'. To make a board shareable you have to be the owner and  change the board type:

Go to and get a sharable link:


Copy the shareable link of a board.

2. Inserting a board into a Jira issue 

Now that you have a link, go to a Jira issue and activate the app by click on its icon below the Issue name

A new section with the title will appear in the content of your issue. It will display a form asking the information required to insert your content.

  • Then paste the link into the Shareable link field
  • Choose a name for your link in order to help identifying it in the future
  • Choose an icon that represents the type of content is being embedded. The options are: Board, Calendar, Chart, Timeline and Workload.
  • Click the Embed button.

The form will disappear and a new card will load:

Click in the Add new card button to embed more boards.

You can embed multiple views of the same board. For example, the same board can be visualized as a calendar, a timeline, or a default board.

A card list will be shown as more urls are added.

3. Managing and visualising your cards

Each card has four action buttons at the bottom:

 Open as popup: Opens the content in a popup. Click on the Close button placed at the right bottom corner to close the popup and return to the card list.

 Open in fullscreen: Opens the content in fullscreen mode. Click on the button placed at top right corner to close it and return to the card list.

 Edit card: Opens the form again for edits. Changes can be saved by clicking on the Update button, or cancelled by clicking on the Cancel button.

 Remove card: Removes the card from the card list

Try it out!