In-app analytics

In order to constantly improve the quality of our apps and service, Smartsheet for Confluence app collects anonymous configuration data. Please help us to keep improving this app by giving your consent to send analytics data.

Change your consent

  • You can always modify your consent in the analytics settings menu. For this, go to the Gallery view of the app > Configuration > Analytics Consent.

Data Samples

re:solution believes that privacy is a fundamental right; this is why we want to provide as much transparency as possible and give you control over your data. Below, you can see a sample of the data that is being sent to us.

  "event": "Analytics Consent Granted",
  "properties": {
    "time": 123456789,
    "distinct_id": "atlassian-account-id",
    "$insert_id": "zdBdhCBjeBkegfyyggFerAercbkppubplveu",
    "$lib_version": "0.17.0",
    "$mp_api_endpoint": "",
    "$mp_api_timestamp_ms": 123456789,
    "app_build": "abcde012",
    "app_internalName": "iframe-smartsheet",
    "app_key": "de.resolution.integration.smartsheet-for-confluence",
    "app_mode": "production",
    "app_name": "Smartsheet for Confluence",
    "app_productType": "confluence",
    "confluence-clientKey": "confluence-client-key",
    "consentSettings": {
      "consentLevel": 1
    "iframe-smartsheet-instance-analytics-consent-level": 1,
    "mp_lib": "node",
    "mp_processing_time_ms": 123456789
   "event":"Loaded a Page",
      "$os":"Mac OS X",
      "pageName":"Smartsheet Iframe",
      "name":"Smartsheet Iframe",
      "app_name":"Smartsheet for Confluence",

If you have questions or you want to learn more about in-app analytics and how your data is managed, please check our Privacy Policy.