Who benefits from this use case?

  • Content Creator
  • IT Manager


  • Identify critical pieces of information that are being overlooked
  • Benchmark key pages that are performing well

How to implement it

  1. Create a short list with key Confluence pages which must be known to your users

  2. Navigate to the space that needs to be analyzed

  3. Trigger the space-level report

  4. Adjust the timespan to last month or last quarter

  5. Locate the pages in the short list

  6. Address any pages with low visits and learn from popular ones

Note: Pages with 0 visits after the installation of the Google Analytics for Confluence app will not show in the list, as Google Analytics needs the page to be rendered in order for it to be tracked. As a workaround, you can open the pages in your shortlist to ensure that at least one hit is recorded.