Welcome to Google Analytics for Confluence!

Google Analytics tracks and reports visitor traffic across websites and applications.

Google Analytics for Confluence is an integration that connects the tracking functionality of Google Analytics so you can track what your Confluence users are doing.

Regardless of your use case, with Google Analytics for Confluence you can:

  • Empower every Confluence creator to understand the impact of their work
  • Prioritize efforts to maintain and improve Confluence content
  • View reports at instance, space, or page level inside Confluence
  • Send tracking data to Confluence to complete advanced analysis
  • Track specific Confluence events, like page creations and updates, comments, or searches.

Video Introduction and Setup Guide

Use Cases

Measure Impact

Analyze campaigns by looking at visitor behavior in a specific time frame.

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Run Quality Checks

Review most visited pages to ensure readers consume accurate information.

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Audit & Cleanup

Identify content that can be safely archived. 

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Evaluate Content

Are any important pages not getting any visits?

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Report to Senior Management

Generate one-click reports and support informed decision making.

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Optimize User Journeys

Where are your visitors dropping off and how can you take them to the next stage?

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Social Listening

Which are the hottest topics being discussed? What are users searching for?

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Benchmark Best Performers

Obtain insights into your wiki culture and showcase best performers

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