Who can benefit from this use case?

  • Content Creators

  • HR Manager

  • Knowledge Managers
  • IT Managers


  • Prioritize efforts for updating and maintaining Confluence pages

  • Ensure that optimization tasks affect high-impact content

  • Obtain a list of pages with critical information that must be kept accurate at all times

How to implement it:

  1. Navigate to the space that needs to be analyzed

  2. Trigger the space-level report

  3. Adjust the timespan to last month or last quarter

  4. Analyze the top 25% most popular pages to identify:

    1. which contain critical and time-sensitive information

    2. from the above, which currently contain inaccurate details that must be amended

Note that Google Analytics for Confluence Cloud includes three metrics that can be used to measure popularity: Hits, Engaged Sessions, & Engagement Rate