Who benefits from this use case?

  • HR Manager

  • IT Support Manager

  • Marketing Manager


Identifying pages with higher than expected bounce rates can help in very different scenarios:

  • Design frictionless product education

  • Create engaging employee onboardings

  • Improve self-service knowledge bases and deflect ticket creation

How to implement it

  1. Navigate to the space that needs to be analyzed

  2. Trigger the space-level report

  3. Adjust the timespan to last quarter or last year

  4. Don’t forget to compare the results with industry benchmarks and use common sense. For example: if an article contains everything there is to know about a certain topic and needs no links to additional pages, a high bounce rate is perfectly healthy.

  5. Once in context, consider additional actions, like:

    1. including instructional CTAs to guide the user to keep reading,

    2. adding additional links, or

    3. optimizing the space structure.