Zoom is a leading solution for virtual meetings, webinars, and trainings.

Jira Plugin for Zoom Meetings and Recordings provides a seamless integration of Zoom into Jira issues. Plan and launch Zoom meetings, get notified about participants, receive recordings, chapterize them.

Regardless of what you are working on, you can:

  • Start a Zoom meeting with two clicks
  • Schedule a meeting with auto recording
  • Store a meeting recording directly into the Jira issue panel
  • Highlight key moments in the recordings
  • Import other cloud recordings from your Zoom account
  • Share them with customers via the Jira Service Management customer portal 

Jira users can therefore collaborate directly from a Jira issue.

Jira Plugin for Zoom Meetings and Recordings offers the quickest and most flexible experience for scheduling Zoom meetings and publishing meeting recordings without ever leaving Jira:

  • Share support sessions with customers

  • Document technical decisions in the context of the issue

  • Record in Jira who attended a meeting 

  • Use Zoom recordings for video messaging