Currently, we are not providing an official guide for migrating users between directories via database updates.
This is mostly due to the fact that this is a complex procedure and not officially supported by Atlassian.

Furthermore, the procedure varies between products and even versions.
This requires to constantly review and re-test the procedure, something we don't want to leave our customers alone with.

Please contact our support
or book a free screen share session to discuss this topic: should you need help.


  • migrate existing users between directories
    • i.e. from an LDAP based directory to the internal directory


Some user directories can't be migrated with Atlassian default GUI functionality.
These limitations are outlined in Atlassian's documentation:
The scenarios not covered are still part of suggestions/ feature requests:

Migration of users is typically needed in

  • preparation for switching from LDAP to just in-time provisioning
    • i.e. no direct LDAP connection from your Atlassian instance possible anymore
  • preparation for switching from LDAP to Azure AD