In your Out of Office rules list you may find a button to create a rest API token. 

API Token creation button

If not, please ask your Jira Cloud administrator to either issue a token for you or to switch on the possibility for users to create their own tokens. 

With this token you can either

What's possible with the Out of Office REST API

The REST API allows to:

  • read existing Out of Office rules to send that information to other systems
  • Modify or create new Out of Office rules from third party systems

As an example, you could integrate Outlook with Out of Office Assistant to create new absences whenever you add a vacation event, or a training. However, we recommend implementing the integration with Outlook via Zapier, as this is a no code approach that works really well already.

There are two different scopes for the API Tokens:

  • Regular users can access and modify information about their own rules
  • Admins can access and modify rules for any users in the instance.

For more details, refer to the documentation.