What's new

  • Improved Single User Update
  • Several smaller bug fixes and improvements.



Released on 22 December 2021 as part of AWS SSO ALB & Amazon Cognito 2.1.1 for Jira and Confluence.

  • Allowed overriding the primary attribute in Single User Sync.
  • Single User Update can now disable existing users that are not found in the IdP by the connector.
  • Fixed IP range checks in SCIM connector.
  • Fixed issues with auto fill by some browsers.
  • Improved configuration validation.
  • Added missing data in the sync information.
  • Improved HTTP request logging for syncs.
  • Improved Testconnector.

Changes specific to Jira

  • None

Changes specific to Confluence

  • None

Changes specific to Bitbucket

  • None

Changes specific to Bamboo

  • Fixed frontend issue where the execution time of the next sync was not shown correctly.