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What data do we have access to?

When you install Joint Rooms into a rooms / channel, the bot will...

  • receive all messages sent to that channel
  • have access to all user's informations known to Slack/Stride that are part of that team/site
  • have access to files in that channel
  • have access to metadata of the channel it is installed in (such as name of the channel, topic, image, ...)
  • be able to create new channels / rooms

While this information will be accessible to the bot, only some of it is actually used and almost none of it is actually stored for more than a few minutes.

Receiving messages, files, channel/room metadata and user information is necessary for the normal operation of the bot. After all, it needs to forward that information to the destination. Being able to create new channels / rooms will be necessary for future versions of the app to enable Direct Messages to happen.

What data do we store in our database?

We try to store as little identifying information about your data as possible in our database. Things we do store:

  • Credentials necessary to connect the bot user to your Slack Team / Stride Site,
  • That Team's / Site's name and team / site ID
  • Information about connected rooms (Channel / room IDs and names)

All of this information is deleted once you disconnect a channel and uninstall the app.

What data is temporarily stored?

We temporarily store the following data to improve operations:

  • User profiles and channel / room metadata are cached for a short period of time (< 1 hour)
  • In case of errors, all information about that error (such as the message causing it) is written into a log file, which is kept for 7 days. Only authorized personnel has access to these log files.

What else?

On the Atlassian Marketplace and this wiki, we also collect Google analytics to better help us understand how our users use these sites. We do not include identifying information in these analytics.

We treat customer privacy and security seriously. We believe in full transparency around these issues. As far as we are concerned, your data is yours and we do not share your data with any third parties (unless we are legally obligated to do so - however this case has not arisen yet). 

More information

More general information about how we treat your personal data can be found in the general Data Protection Statement.

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