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What data is stored?

AWS SNS Notifications for Stride does not store any personal data under normal circumstances. The app is designed to be stateless, the generated URLs contain all information the app needs to deliver messages.

The only exception is if there is an error in the code. In such a case, the message causing the error is logged. This message will only be used to analyze the issue and get rid of the bug. 

Logs containing metadata (team IDs, conversation IDs) are kept for at most 7 days. Access to these logs is heavily restricted.

What else?

On the Atlassian Marketplace and this wiki, we also collect Google analytics to better help us understand how our users use these sites. We do not include identifying information in these analytics.

We treat customer privacy and security seriously. We believe in full transparency around these issues. As far as we are concerned, your data is yours and we do not share your data with any third parties (unless we are legally obligated to do so - however this case has not arisen yet). 

More information

More general information about how we treat your personal data can be found in the general Data Protection Statement.

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