This integration allows to connect plans for time off in Tempo to Out of Office Assistant with a very flexible mapping.

The diagram below describes the relationship between the two apps:

  • Plans in Tempo are the commanding entity that will trigger the automation. Once setup, users can manage their Out of Office arrangements from Tempo, without having to define any dates in the Assistant.
  • Internal Issues define which type of non-billable activity is being planned. For example: trainings, vacation, sick days, etc.
  • Out of Office Templates contain every detail in an Out of Office rule, besides the dates. 
  • Out of Office rules are defined by the mapped templates, and receive the dates and time from the plan

The pages in this section describe the process for setting up and using the integration. 

In general, please note that the following steps need to be completed:

  1. An Admin must connect the apps
  2. An Admin must select the eligible internal issues
  3. Once 1 and 2 are completed, users can map available internal issues to their templates. Note that templates are currently only available for each user, and are not shared.
  4. After 3, plans against internal issues will trigger Out of Office rules. Yay!

Team Permissions

For this integration to work for every desired user, a single team must exist in Tempo that contains all relevant users. Otherwise, the connection created by the admin will have no effect for users outside of the team, resulting in no access to internal issues for the Out of Office Assistant.